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The unique design of the BaxMAX enables almost anyone who suffers from low back pain to get relief!

Each day your spine compresses with the weight of your upper body being pressed down by the natural forces of gravity.  This compression of the spine literally cause your body to shrink at least a fraction of an inch throughout each day.  When you are standing or sittings for long periods, your spine compresses even more and can cause fatigue and non-chronic lower back pain.  In most cases, simply stopping the activity will relieve the pain.  However, if your spine is compromised by injury or some irregularity you may experience extreme pain in the low back and stopping the activity may not provide any relief. 

The patented pulley system incorporated into the BaxMAX prevents the spine from compressing all together by taking the body weight completely off the spine.  This almost instantly relieves low back pain, even if you are doing an activity that would normally cause excessive lumbar compression.  This unique design has helped thousands of people relieve low back pain and can help you too!

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